Our Handmade Cold Process Soap

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Treat your body everyday and soon you will be reap the benefits.

For a fresh  suds, what could be more perfect than a refreshing  shower.

For custom orders, we need at least 3 weeks to have your cold process soap ready.

Here's what you need.

Laurel & Green clay
 A very  refreshing and  moisturizing soap.

Made with laurel infused olive oil, green clay, Vitamin E, honey and bluet seeds.
Scented lavender & bergamot EO's
Approx. 60-65 gr.
Wrapped in cellophane bag, tied with raffia.

Gaia Soap

 Earthy and creamy soap with an exceptional lather.

Soap made with coconut milk, tumeric a natural antiseptic and comfrey-infused  olive oil.
Approx. 60-65 gr.

Wrapped in cellophane bag, tied with raffia.

Alla  Cannella  Soap

Rustic and earthy soap, a tribute to the magical October.

Soap made with buttermilk, comfrey leaf-infused Olive oil, cinnamon powder.
Scented with Sweet orange, Rosemary and cinnamon essential oils.

Approx. 60-65 gr.

Wrapped in cellophane  bag, tied with raffia.

Pure and Simple
Castile Soap Line

Our first line of Castile soap is made with Olive oil and a splash of Castor oil.

Olive Soap range is very gentle for kid's skin or hyper sensitive one, with antioxidants and moisturizing properties that helps skin protection.  Castor oil it has natural emollient properties that adds conditioning qualities to the soap and creates rich, dense and thick bubbles.

For  check  the complete Pure and Simple Castile soap line,    

Spa Salt Soap  with Rose Water and Clay
 Rich soap with soothing active ingredients.

Sea Salt:  Fantastic for those skins with eczema, psoriasis or other skin irritations.
Rose Water:  Cleanses and hydrates the skin, is also a healing agent.
Clay:  Contracts ,  tones and draws toxins and superfluous fat from the skin.
Vitamin E:  Promotes healing and is a strong antioxidant.

For more information about our Spa Salt Soap, click here

Honey, it's cold outside. 

Delicious and moisturizing soap that will help to keep your skin soft and well hydrated.
Made specially for winter season, when cold temperatures, low humidity, and the use of central heat, tend to worsen dry skin.

120 gr Approx.

Key ingredients: Oat milk, Avocado oil, Honey, Vitamin E.
Essential oils: Honey organic fragrance, Chamomile, Rosewood.

Angel's Breath


Angel's Breath Soap has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effects, adding the benefits of Cocoa butter a natural antioxidant, emollient as well as a moisturizer.

The clean and sweet scent its just like an angel.
Approx. 100 gr.

Key Ingredients: Oat milk, Cocoa butter, White clay, Vitamin E.
Essential oils: Lavender, Spearmint, Tangerine and Chamomile.

Lavanda Rosa

 Lavanda Rosa soap new design.

Our Lavanda Rosa soap offers a harmonious blend of sweet, red rose petals in bloom and aromatic lavender. This is a crisp and unforgettable fragrance.

Scented Lavender EO & Rose FO.

 100 gr approx.

               Oats & Clay soap new design.

This soap is rich in antioxidants, in vitamin B and in mineral salts which softly nourish the skin. It is also fortifying and has anti-irritant and antihistaminic effects which help to alleviate eczema and psoriasis, adding the benefits of Cocoa butter is a natural antioxidant, emollient as well as a moisturizer.
No scented.

 100 gr approx.

                   Almond & Coffee Soap

The key ingredient of this soap its the almond milk used for smooth dry skin soothe irritated skin while  help the growth of new tissue with the gentle exfoliating action of almond meal and coffee grains.

With Vitamin E.

Scented with Almond, Vanilla & pomegranate FO and Benzoin Tincture.

Aprox. 100gr

Angel Soap

Delicate soap with all Archangel's colors inside. The healing effects of oat's milk and the addition of cocoa butter make it a moisturizing bar with a thicker lather, the clean and sweet scent its just like an angel.

Scented with bergamot&yuzu FO, Lavender & Peppermint EO.

Aprox 100gr.

Aloe Blue
Rich Soap bar, made with  natural Aloe Vera gel and scented with Sage& Spearmint EO with a sweet touch of coconut FO.

Approx. 100 gr.

Floral Soap

Created with Oat's milk & pink clay to absorb dirt oil and toxins from the skin while it soothes, cleanses and tones skin. 

Scented with Violet organic FO and Lavender& Eucalyptus EO.

Aprox. 100 gr.

Lemon Soap

The antiseptic properties of lemon help in treating pimples and various skin disorders, made with fresh lemon juice and dried lemon & orange peel for gentle exfoliation.  

Scented with Peppermint & Eucalyptus EO.
Aprox. 100 gr.

Strega Soap

The rich combination of herbs, spices and flowers mixed with sea kelp, green clay and cocoa butter, makes this soap a great choice for soothing you mind and body.

Scented with Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium and a dash of Cinnamon EO.


Chocolate Soap

This beautiful dark soap its rich on antioxidants and nourishing ingredients that regenerate, purify and tone your skin.

Scented with Chocolate FO, Peppermint, Spearmint & Cinnamon EO.

Coffee Soap   "Try Me Size"

Made with real Cafe espresso.  Coffee benefits to eliminate cellulite, clean up acne and neutralize strong odors, coffee has antioxidant properties.